Cube Disability

Embracing and showcasing talent

We are so excited about our new partnership with The Cube Disability Arts Academy which will help us provide inclusive workshops for those with Special Educational Needs.

The Cube Disability Arts Academy opened in Northamptonshire as the first dedicated Arts Academy for adults with learning disabilities in 2017. The Cube Disability Arts Academy provides a safe space where everyone’s talents and abilities can shine. Those who attend the Arts Academy are given the opportunity to work towards nationally recognised Arts Award qualifications from Trinity College London alongside ASDAN qualifications.

Everyone is encouraged to show off their talents in every way they feel comfortable on a purpose-built dance-floor, and the costume cupboard is well stocked so clients can transform themselves into whoever they want to be!

Our Partnership

Our new partnership will allow us and our incredible faculty of teachers to reach a whole new audience as we provide monthly West End workshops to The Cube Disability Arts Academy. We will also play a role in other Cube events throughout the year providing further workshops as we did with MASTERCLASS last August!

Through this new partnership we hope to bring opportunities such as this to other places around the UK!

We are absolutely thrilled to be partnering with Then Cube Disability Arts Academy and are grateful for the opportunity to branch out and reach a whole new audience who can experience our workshops.

For more info, click the button below and head over to their Website!